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Hair Transplant is now available to the people of Karnataka at lowest possible rate. We have most experienced surgeon of the country in our team of consultant surgeons, some have done more than 3500 hair transplant including some film stars and sports person, have improved and re-invented the technique of hair transplant with budget offers with same international quality in result and undetectable natural hair growth.

Basically hair transplant is done by two methods.

First (which is also oldest one practised by all surgeon) is FUT or FUHT or some time called as strip method / technique. As in its name , in this technique a strip of skin is cut under local anaesthesia (no pain is felt) from the back of the head donor site and then each hair follicle is separated from the strip and put into the bald area (that is recipient side). The wounded area at the back is covered using stitches, which leaves a mark on the back of the head (donor area) and later become in visible with growth of hair. This technique is losing popularity as it leaves a mark on the back of the head.

The second technique which is considered as most safe and modern method and preferred by most of the patient now days is FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique which is stitch less and scar-less technique, in this technique hair follicles are directly harvested with live tissues around it from the donor area and directly inserted into the bald scalp or any where hair is required like moustache, beard, eyelash and eyebrow or to fill the scar.

This entire hair transplant can be available for the treatment of hair loss to the people of Karnataka at low cost.
Anybody can contact us and seek the information for hair transplant available at centers just by filling the form and we will reply at earliest as possible within 24 hours to person from Karnataka.