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Group Discussion in Detail

Group Discussion:

Group Discussion (GD) followed by personal interview is a common procedure for the reputed company as well as for the admission in a reputed college especially in care of management course. Candidates must understand that what is actually group discussion is, before they actually face the Group Discussion.

What is Group Discussion?
One wrong impression most of the people hold about group discussion is persuading people with different thought any mean like in debate. But it is not like this. Group Discussion is a mode through which a group of persons shares thoughts, opinions and listening each other and reach at one consensus from various distinct thoughts. As a participant in a group discussion, you behavior along with our ideas, logics and attitude reflects your degree of ability to work and perform in a team. The observer at group discussion observers you assuming you are that what you present at group discussion like wise you behave in your real life.

At Group Discussion Table:
You will find 5 to 6 people which may vary up to 8 participants around the table. You will be given two minutes to think and prepare the given topic. One should jot down their ideas that come to mind. Keep a pencil and paper for the purpose. Generally two monitors or judge are present to observe the group discussion silently. They only intervene to the situation when things among the participants at group discussion table goes out of control.

How to prepare for the Group Discussion?
It is possible to enhance the performance by planning base preparation. While preparing for group discussion one should work in following areas.

One should be clear, accurate and lucid in spoken English. Language is the medium to express you and to communicate with other. If one finds his spoken English is not up to the mark he / she must start making efforts to improve it instantaneously. Apart from dictionary and books, sources like Television, Films , Internet etc are good source to improve the same.

2).Knowledge of topics: -
There is no substitute of hard work. Only hard work which measures the degree of preparation makes the difference between those who clears the group discussion and those who loose it. Every one is equally intelligent. The most vital thing after the language is the knowledge base. One must be confident about what you have to say and should come with original thoughts. For every topic whether it is from economics, business, philosophy, Politics, Science, arts, history or from current affaire don’t leave untouched and for each topic try to find answers of WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW, and WHO. But is does not mean that one have to read so many books and magazines, but should discuss topics with friends, go to library or find study materials at different topics through internet.

Your Body language and behavior:-
Apart from language and views put during group discussion, your body language plays a very prominent role making you successful. You have to portray yourself in such in a way so that he/she must be perceived positively. While at Group Discussion every aspect of ones personality is observed and examined, the team spirit you generate, the body language you display, regards for other and the tone of voice you use.
Following points one must keep in mind while at Group Discussion Table:-
i). Apparent with words.
ii).Use names of participants then while putting your opinion.
iii). Listen well to others view.
iv). Do not shifts your stand continuously.
v). Express your opinions over a issue after one finishes with his/her part.
vi).Cut logic with logic not with notorious arguments.
vii).Do not over us ‘I’.(in a team work ‘we’ gives the outcome).
viii).Make eye contact the members while answering, which shows your confidence.

Note:- Know your strength well and weakness well. Analyze yourself well. If one tries to hog the limelight it does not ensures the success. If one is introvert, it doesn’t mean his/her chances are lesser then other.
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