Free SMS Online India and Abroad

Sending and receiving SMS is a imperative activity of our daily life which includes informing about your well being silently or conveying your commutation activity to your well wishers at any time around the clock when you are away from them, want to send your wishes or share a joke or even when you want to vote to some body on a TV show. It has become an integral part of communication. This quick method of interaction through SMS has shared our worries in life. Free SMSing makes the most of it during occasions, when you can wish your friends and family.
There are number of sites which are dedicated to Free SMS. They develop SMS delivery system and you can send to your near and dear ones absolutely free. In the recent past, there have been hypes of sending free SMS all over India as lot of messages are sent and delivered to our cell phone from couple of sites regularly. The SMS sites in India are coming up with new and latest facilities every day. Today we are here to present you the list of top website which gives you the facility to send Free SMS to any Mobile in India. Today many people are sending SMS from online because it is free and can send single SMS to group of peoples just with click of mouse. With SMS messages becoming a key utility in today’s modern world, but almost every mobile operator in our country are charging a fairly high price on 160 characters. We can send SMS messages for free, or for a very low price by utilizing the strength of the internet.
Here we are introducing you the top Free SMS sending sites: If you search online you can find 100’s of SMS websites which allows you to send free SMS in all over India. Below are the list of few but top SMS sites which allows you to send free SMS in India.

Top 20 and more free SMS sites in India

Amitoos: This is also among newly launched less popular Free SMS website. This website allows you to send free SMS of 140 Character. For SMSing one has to login first on the website.

AtroChatro : This site is a big hit in recent time and have gained lot of popularity in India. AtroChatro is also a good website to send free SMS and the availability of SMS text messages on various topics include love, jokes, flirt, Diwali, Shayari, Santa Banta, Rakshe Bandhan and many more makes this site unique in its kind. supports and covers almost every mobile network in India for sending SMS. At the time of launch this site AtroChatro was SMS collection website on various topics as mentioned above and after that they launch free SMS to India service.

BollywoodMotion: Another site which is based on free SMS facility without any Ads or any sign up.This is the only website that let you send maximum characters (500) in SMS. All you can do without login but you need capcha. The drawback with this website is that the message delivery is not reliable sometime message gets delivered instantly, some time delayed or sometimes it doesn’t delivered at all. :This is really a cool site for sending Free SMS without any ads, plus the sender name will be your mobile number so if you are looking for a service where you don’t want to reveal the recipient that you are sending this message from internet then this is the website which serves your purpose.

Ibibo:Ibibo also allows you to send free SMS of 140 Character. Ibibo’s SMS service allows IBIBO account holder to link their mobile phones to their respective ibibo accounts. Apart from free SMS, it also allows user to make free phone calls. :The site offers services like sending SMS and that too for free to anywhere in India. Also one can schedule the SMS to be sent on decided date. Indyarocks is now a very popular social networking site with SMS sending feature but initially it was known as SMS sending site, feature which is backbone of this SMS site. You can send 140 characters long SMS to a group which you create on site in just single click. One can schedule Free SMS for Future dates, send Free group SMS.

You can send 100 characters SMS without signup, after signup you can save contacts. This facility is not for CDMA mobile holders. : Mysmsindia is another SMS sending site. This site also has all India coverage to send free SMS text messages anywhere in India. The SMS can sent easily in bulk or single free SMS with club or society : This site helps you to send free SMS to anywhere in India. Mycantos offers a lot of SMS features and a complete control on your profile. You can send your SMS at any time schedule. This site has excellent SMS network coverage. It allows users to send 145 characters long message The website was started in 2007 and has a user base of more than a million.160by2 enables you to send maximum of 50 messages a day You can also find all types of SMS collection on 160by2 to send to your loved one. : You can send free SMS to any mobile phones in India. This website allows sending of 160 characters in a single SMS.

Smslife is for sending SMS, and it publishes mobile related news one its website. : This sms sending service is among the finest sms service and allows you to send 440 characters long SMS for free anywhere in India. Other goof feature of this site is that one can schedule the time of delivering the SMS in advance to a group of phone numbers. You will also get delivery report and scheduled SMS report for your convenience.
If to believe the bloggers comments this is better as compared with other services A usual every good thing has problem it has one also, even though it offer good features but its user interface is not all good, some time you find server is down with some other login issues. : The site allows the user to send free sms as well as bulk sms,. It provides both free and paid services, it is easy to create free account and start messaging. The site allows the user to send free sms as well as bulk sms,. It provides both free and paid services, it is easy to create free account and start messaging. : This Free SMS site allows to send free SMS all over India and also all GSM & CDMA Networks are supported. This website offers a unique facility of Mobile to Web & Mobile to Email messaging system. This is a new website which offer free SMS service with no registration or login required, you can send unlimited 160 character SMS without any ads and there is option for checking delivery report instantly. The only problem with this site is that message will come from SMSTI address rather than your phone number so user have to write your name at the end of SMS to let your receipt know about the sender of the message. I will rate it high for online quick free SMS websites.

SeaSMS SeaSMS provides facility to send free SMS/MMS online in India and other parts of the world without login or registration. It also don’t ask for any capcha and you have the option to compose SMS in Indian language also, like Hindi .Message delivery is fast, best option for quick messaging. Text4Free is another good site. This is top website to send Free SMS all over world and that too in seconds. : This site lets you send free sms to anywhere in India simply by adding a friend and his phone number to it. The receiver of the SMS will get mobile number which is in the profile of sender.
Easy sending, tied with exceptional delivery speed, has made Way2SMS highly popular.
By estimation more than half of million of users visit this site every day, and they are just not from India but from as many as 126 countries globally. It is better than 160by2 as it supports 92 characters of text messages. You can create your email ID also. It also allows you to get email alerts for your Gmail, yahoo accounts, one can chat with GTalk and Yahoo contacts simultaneously etc.

YoumintYoumint is much more that just a free SMS sending website. .It allow user to send full 160 character SMS and on top of that you get lots of rewards for using their services, later on these reward points can be redeem for mobile recharges or cash .

Following are Chat Messengers which allow the user to send messages instantly.

Yahoo Messenger Yahoo messenger to it allows you to send free SMS in India, You can send SMS from your inbox too. When composing new message you choose a new mail message or Instant message or SMS to mobile.

AOL Messenger It allows you to send free SMS in India. You can send SMS from your inbox too. This is like yahoo.

Rediff Bol Rediff Bol also allows you to send free SMS.

Goolge SMS Channel This is operated by Google labs India, you have to create channel than you can send message to members of your channel. This service is very popular among people who run their own website or blog as this enables user to create and promote their SMS channels. Whenever the channel owner update the content , All the members are alerted by SMS .Channel owner can also add a site feed as SMS source .SMS will be totally free from advertisement but speed of SMS delivery is not so impressive .