Top Most Popular Engineering Branches in India

Engineering is specifically the branch of study that has been used to gain expertise over the scientific principles so that numerous machines and structures can be built. The structures can cater to a number of segments like roads, machines, bridges, buildings, vehicles, software technology, hardware items, and a lot more. As the definition suggests, you can understand that it is a branch with no specific segmentation which is why it has been distributed into a number of branches. Right now engineering in India is one of the most sought after occupations which is the reason why today we are going to talk about some of the best branches of Engineering which has been able to get immense popularity in India. So instead of beating around the bush, let us understand the various branches of Engineering so that you can be knowledge oriented about the same.

The various branches of engineering which are very popular among the students

Computer science engineering
In the last few years, the software solution requirement has increased to a great extent which is the reason why Computer Science and Engineering which is also known as the information technology has been able to gain huge popularity. After going for this branch of engineering, the student will be able to indulge in a number of fields like Airlines, hospitality, multinational companies, Healthcare, and even education.

Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering is the branch in which a lot of design and production of Machines as well as automobiles are included. The students who go for mechanical engineering mostly get a lot of scope in the heavy machine manufacturing industries like automobile, mining, metal, etc.

Electrical and electronics engineering
This is one of the most vintage branches of Engineering which already had a steady demand since the time it first started. If you talk in terms of employability you will understand that the students who are going for Electrical and Electronics Engineering can get a number of jobs in the electricity boards as well as the power sector organizations- not to forget the Railways and the defense forces.

Electronics and communication engineering
In this specific branch of engineering, the students will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about the electrical circuits as well as the base of communication engineering so that they can have a lot of experience regarding the Signals and Systems. This knowledge can be implemented in a number of branches like signal and Systems, telecommunications, integrated circuits, Digital Electronics as well as logic design. This is a perfect branch of engineering for those who love to remain engaged with gadgets.

Civil engineering
This is a relatively new branch of engineering that emerged in the era of 2000s, and it is all about the infrastructural development. The scope of this branch of engineering is all about the supervision and architecture and it is very high in demand.

Aeronautical engineering
It is a very exciting branch of engineering because it is a very rare branch that most of the students do not seek because it is mostly concerned with the development instruction as well as the testing of various aircraft.

Marine Engineering
This is a branch of engineering which incorporates the designing building as well as the testing of boat ships and underwater submarines and also industries in Offshore platforms as well as drilling equipment. It can be done after graduation but you will have to clear an entrance exam for that matter.

Robotics engineering
With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics robotic engineering is the growing trend because it deals with the functionality and the testing of various robotic devices.

Information technology
This branch of engineering is mostly incorporating software aspects and deals with computer science. There is a huge scope for this engineering in most of the multinational companies.