Group discussion tips for MBA IIM Admission and JOB Interviews

Interview Tips:

Inside Interviewers Mind: - The very first thing one must keep in mind that the interview panel does not expect you to give all the answers. They only check the clarity of thought with your logical and analytical ability.

Understanding the Interview Panel
Generally the interview panel is comprised of 2 to 4 interviews. One in panel members may be from organization behavior or HR and other from finance, strategy or static. Duration of interview varies place to place. Interview at management institutes may last for more or less 15 minutes. It may last for 40 to 60 minutes in some UPSE exams. Always remember more time duration of the interview will be.

Things One should mind while at interview:
Behavior:- Need not to be rigid, be a good listener. Know the difference between confidence and recklessness. Understand first what you are going to say. A blank face over the subject is not accepted.
Body language:- Your dress, your way of speaking and the way you present yourself with your choice of words and depth of your knowledge all adds to your personality and factors affecting the chances of your selection.

Boys: It is always advisable to wear a formal shirt with dark color trouser and tie. Do not wear white trouser and also white socks.

Girls: Girls have more and better choices of dresses then boys. Girls may wear a skirt or trousers of dark color matching top. Girls may also wear saree but always mind the color of saree, as it is advised to wear light color saree that must be starched if it is of cotton. Avoid silky saree and colors like Red, Green and Magenta, etc.

You at interview:-
1. Show extreme courtesy to the interview panel for entire duration of interview. They are extremely experienced people from different fields so as their questions.
2. Wait for seat to be offered.
3. While answering any question always mention about soft skill and technical aspects of the subject. 4. Your interview should be like conversation not a question answer session.
5. Focus and divert the interview towards the areas you are strong.
6. Don’t shake your hand first in greeting unless you are offered to do so. Take a lady’s hand first for shaking hand.
Note: Practice questions and discuss different topics with your friend which boosts the confidence
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