History of Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism means travel to foreign land for medical care facility. Medical tourism is also termed as Health Tourism or Travel Medicine. Before discussing on medical tourism in India, we should discuss the history of medical tourism in India.
The history of medical tourism in India is as old as 5000 years with the beginning of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines and first surgery by sage Sushruta around 600 BC (Shalya Chikitsa). History of medical tourism in India includes all major aspects of health tourism as medical tourism is an ancient practice in India. In principle, the concept of medical tourism is not something new in India. Medical tourism is an ancient practice of tourism on the procedure for medical treatment and medical sites in India As a cosmopolitan nation, India has a rich history of Ayurveda and procedures for Ayurvedic treatment. The history of medical tourism in India also includes former Ayurvedic treatment in India and best destinations offer medical treatment in India.

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