Group discussion tips for MBA IIM Admission and JOB Interviews

Tips for 7 FAQs from Interviews

Q1). Please introduce your self.
Tips: - While answering this question you must include your name and details of the occupation that you wish to do and in brief your academics background and family, need not to include names, age and achievements of family members. One can give brief details of professions of your family members. Need not to explain your ‘ Curriculum Vitae’.

Q2). Tell us some thing about your family background.
Tips: - This question is asked know about your upbringing not about your family members and their names. Mention your experiences you got because of values you have been taught in your family don’t mention about family struggle and difficulties your family faced.

Q3).Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Tips: - Don’t talk about the designation, where you suppose to get after 5 years. Talk about the field where you want to prosper and skills that you will acquire.

Q4). Describe yourself in two words.
Tips:- No one can describe himself/herself in two words. Describe all your strength and positive points completely.

Q5). Tell us about your hobbies.
Tips:- Before answering this question one must know the difference between three words:- (1).Interest. (2).Likeness. (3).Hobby.
(1). Interest:-Interest is related to what you like do in free time; interest can’t be hobby but not daily. E.g. One may have interest in solving puzzles but it can not be hobby.
(2). Likeness: - Likeness is something related to your taste. E.g. One may like Indian food, spicy foods, Veg , Non-Veg, etc.
(3). Hobby: - Hobby is something to which one wants to do and one is crazy for it. Hobby refers to collecting detail knowledge of same. A hobby would be something specific with some subject.
(1). Collecting old coins and making researching on it,
(2). Programming.
(3). Photography etc. Also be prepared to answer all the queries on your hobby.

Q6). Why our company/ Institute is your choice?
Tips. This question is among most frequently asked question; be prepared to answer it. While answering this question main emphasize should given on, for what the company/institute stands for, and how the opportunities given or provided there will contribute to improve your over all personality. Do not mention the ranking the ranking of institute/company in any survey, one of the reason behind choosing the institute/company.

Q7). How many girls’ friends you have?
Tips:- The main motive behind asking this question is to judge how comfortable one is while working with women and also how well one can handle difficult question.

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